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Strategic Allies

From time to time GardenOpus may ally with Green Industry firms which have a similar focus on customer service, quality, safety, employee relations and, of course, Horticultural integrity.  The standards of GardenOpus are high so representation here does not come lightly.

Does the firm, from leadership to front line, listen to and collaborate with clients and charge fair prices for complex, labor-intensive work?  Or do they disparage, bully, gouge or otherwise mistreat and devalue customers?  I've worked for too many of the latter - if you are one of them, count yourself out.

Does the firm respect, value, enhance & reward the experience and talents of its employees in a safe working environment? Does it often learn lessons from team members who offer creative solutions, or gain efficiencies as employees retool the most complex, or the most mundane, tasks? 

Does the firm view collaboration with Horticultural resource firms offering:research, development and outside trialing of new plant selections? Integrated, biological and organic plant health management techniques which minimize adverse environmental impact? Is it aligned with key growers and vendors who also place quality, innovation and service at the top of their list?  Does the firm strategize using all available resources and technologies so as to best serve their client's varied needs?

If not - and there are too many of you out there performing to the contrary - your angry employees and disappointed customers are GardenOpus' and our Allies' gains.

Strategic Allies



Elite Landscape Management

Elite provides all aspects of landscape maintenance:  turf mowing and health care, irrigation management and repair, tree, shrub and perennial enhancement plantings, seasonal flower designs and installations, hardscape design-build and water features. Elite has the knowledge and experience to manage, design, and install the most elaborate landscapes.  GardenOpus has had the pleasure of collaborating with Elite and key clients on several projects over the 2012 & 2013 landscape seasons, as well as additional projects for the upcoming 2014 season.



Chris Macauley, President
Elite Landscape Management