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THE DAILY JOURNAL no longer publishes or maintains the Ornamentals & Edibles magazine, Sunday newspaper supplement or web - so it's not certain that the full range of my published content and images may be re-linked. I'll keep readers posted as to any progress and I kindly thank The Daily Journal for their permission to re-print!

In the mean time, here are links to 4 feature articles out of the 10 which I wrote between 2007 and 2009, I'll continue to re-post if additional content becomes available. First published in
Ornamentals & Edibles
magazine (March, 2007) and later in The Daily Journal's Gardening with Ornamentals & Edibles (September, 2007 onward):




March-April, 2007 - GET GROWING - Cool season vegetables you can plant NOW!


May 4, 2008 - AVOIDING THE RHODODENDRON POLICE - Hardy Evergreen Rhododendrons for Northern Gardens


April 27, 2008 - A RHODODENDRON BY ANY OTHER NAME - Hardy Deciduous Azaleas for Northern Gardens


November 4, 2007 - FEELING BAMBOOZLED? - Demystifying the So-Called "Lucky Bamboo"!



March 17, 2009 - CANNAS - A TROPICAL LOOK FOR MIDWEST GARDENS - Popular Cultivars, Growing From Seed, and a Discussion of Canna Virus


March 3, 2009 - WHEN IS SEED TOO OLD? - Germination Testing Back-Dated Seed


July 2, 2008 - DEALING WITH THE DOG DAYS - Garden Tasks and Tips for High Summer


February 3, 2008 - TRENDING THE GARDEN - Garden Trends for 2008.


October 6, 2007 - FORCING BULBS THE EASY WAY - Refrigerator Force Spring Bulbs for Gifts and Décor


September 16, 2007 - LATE SEASON GARDENING - Anxious Gardeners Ask "When Is It Too Late?"