Growing Trends

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THE ILLINOIS GREEN INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION no longer publishes GROWING TRENDS as a paper magazine, though it continues to serve IGIA members with publication online; GROWING TRENDS is always topical with Horticulture Industry-specific news, features and more from an Illinois, regional and national perspective.

Below are links to 2 feature articles and 2 of the 3 cover photos I contibuted between 1999 and 2001.  I thank everyone at IGIA for the opportunity to reprint this archived content.




August, 1999 - DECIDUOUS AZALEAS FOR ILLINOIS AND THE UPPER MIDWEST - Cultural tips and varieties.


October, 1999 - DROUGHT TOLERANT HOSTAS? YOU BET! - Hosta species and varieties that tolerate heat and sun.


December, 2000 - COVER PHOTO  - Poinsettia Eckespoint Lemon Drop.


January, 2001 - COVER PHOTO - Poinsettia Eckespoint Monet.




July, 2001 - COVER PHOTO - Canna Miss Oklahoma