In GardenOpus The Book  –  I trace the mysterious – sometimes foreboding – underbelly of commercial Horticulture, an industry not well-understood even by avid gardeners – and many professionals!

In apprehensive times, many who feel connected to the Earth seek solace and may find deliverance in the garden. Deliverance came to me as a toddler when my mother died suddenly; through the anguish of post-traumatic shock I became both wide-eyed and sheltered by all that grows.


As my career in Horticulture evolved, I’ve found myself on opposing sides of the garden fence: industry insider and emotional outsider. Ears to the ground or eyes peering through the slats, I’ve gotten the most exotic kinds of dirt under my nails, asking tough questions and not always avoiding a scuffle. As I realized my chosen world of deliverance was aching with environmental woes, mired in financial scandal and subverted by bloodthirsty regimes – I managed to stumble upon intrigue, inspiration and conflict.


GardenOpus THE BOOK weaves exuberant memoir through topical features humorous, poignant and disturbing – such as the confusing muddle of plant names, the breeding of vegetables for natural pest resistance, the stark contrast between large breeders and small,herbal healing across ethnobotanical and technological boundaries, annihilation by insecticide and blood money for garden furniture. A work with broad appeal, GardenOpus will find an audience among serious home gardeners, casual “weekend warriors,” students, educators, industry professionals and most importantly – readers of influential nonfiction.


With original photography and interviews from experts in Horticulture, genetics, public health and more, GardenOpus will launch a spirited range of conversations for years to come!


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